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The Best Self-Care Products for Older Adults


In this article,we will explore the best self-care products for older adults so they can prioritize wellness. 

Maintaining independence and self-care becomes increasingly important as we age.  Fortunately there are numerous self-care products available to help them lead to healthier, more independent lives.

Let’s explore some beneficial self-care products designed for older persons.

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Beneficial Self-Care Products 

Adaptive Clothing:

 The goal of adaptive clothing is to promote independence, comfort, and confidence for individuals who may face challenges with traditional clothing options.

  • The added features in adaptive clothing can help to simplify the dressing process for those with physical or cognitive disabilities. 
    Being able to dress themselves is very beneficial and can help create a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Practical features such as larger openings, elastic waistbands, adjustable straps, and sensory-friendly materials can be found on adaptive clothing.
  • Some online retailers who specialize in adaptive clothing include, Silvert’s,  and
    Joe and Bella. 

 Mobility Aids:

Mobility aids can help combat the frustrations of mobility challenges.They are essential for older individuals with mobility issues.

Here are a few types of mobility aids:

  • Walker with Seat and Storage 
    A walker with a built-in seat and storage compartment offers seniors a convenient resting place during walks.
  • In addition it has a space to carry personal items, fostering an active lifestyle.
    You can click on the blue “walker” link to find out more about this lightweight, affordable, and reliable walker (sponsored)from OasisSpace. 
  • Walking Canes

    Walking canes are used as a mobility aid to help provide additional support and help maintain stability while walking. 

  • Many older individuals use a walking cane as a tool to help prevent falls. A walking cane can help assist older people in maintaining their independence by  providing support.

  • There is a huge variety of walking canes for men and women include folding canes, rubber or metal tip canes, and even fashion statement canes.

  • Wheelchairs 
    Wheelchairs provide a means to move around independently. This helps people engage in various activities, both inside and outside their homes.

  • Wheelchairs empower older adults to maintain their independence.

  • There are many options, when it comes to wheelchairs. The lightweight version, manual type, and power version are all examples of wheelchairs to choose from.

  • You can find wheelchairs offered in online stores as well as medical supply stores.

  • One suggestion for a wheelchair is the Karman Healthcare LT-980 lightweight wheelchair, it has a folding seat and backrest for easy traveling.


 Older people who enjoy reading may appreciate an e-Reader to make reading easier and more convenient. 
e-Readers boast features such as larger screens, non-glare screens,custom font sizes, and seamless access to an expansive library of e-books. 
  • e-Readers are smaller and less expensive than tablets. 
  • Amazon dominates the U.S. e-reader market with products such as the Amazon  Kindle, and the Kindle Paperwhite, (as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases) but there are also other brands to consider.   
  • The KOBO Elipsa 2E is considered the best non-amazon e-Reader.It was given 4 out of 5 stars from 
  • The Nook Glowlight 4e  is an e-Reader sold by Barnes and Noble.
  • This product can be ordered online or purchased in-store.
    The reviews are mixed on this one, so you may want to do some research on this particular e-Reader before purchasing.  

Health Devices 

  • KardiaMobile:
    This is a portable medical EKG device that helps detect heart related issues.
  • It is easy to set-up, is compatible with most smartphones and small enough that you can even carry it around with you.
  • Smart Hearing Aids Smart hearing aids like Livio AI or ReSound LiNX Quattro can help older adults hear better in different environments and connect wirelessly to other devices like smartphones or TVs.

Emergency Alert Alarms/Devices

A variety of safety devices designed for older individuals are available in the market.
These devices serve the purpose of issuing alerts in the event of a medical emergency, a fall, or instances where they might wander and become disoriented.

The majority of them are designed to be worn, with options such as wristwatches or necklaces being popular.

Some alert gadgets can also be affixed to clothing or integrated into a key-chain.

Examples of Emergency Alert devices include: 

  • AngelSense Life Saving Alert System  This device includes a fall alert system, an emergency button, and GPS tracking. It helps to promote independence by promoting safety but not compromising freedom.
  • Life Alert: This alert system provides emergency protection for older people whether they are at home or on the go. 
    It has an A+ rating with the better Business Bureau and a five star rating  from Consumer Affairs.(As an Amazon Associate,I earn from qualifying purchases.)
  • Mini Guardian – 4G Medical Alert System by Medical Guardian:
  •  An assistive device that helps with elderly monitoring. It can be worn around the neck and is compatible with a smartphone. 


  • Video communication and voice activated gadgets


  • Voice activated devices:

    Devices such as the Amazon Echo Dot (sponsored) and Google Home are examples of smart voice activated devices. 

  • They are perfect for the person who may be bed-ridden or disabled. 
  • This type of device can answer questions, show time, play music and much more.
  • They can also be combined with smart home devices in order to help someone lock the doors, open window shades and turn on/off the lights.
  • Both of these hands-free devices can help improve an older person’s quality of life.

    Video communication devices

    Video communication devices can help older people stay connected to family and friends.

  • Some popular and well-known examples of communication devices include:

  • The GrandPad (as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)P

  • Skype
  • Facebook 
  • Meta Portal

 Self-Care Household Items 

Numerous items and gadgets have been specifically designed to assist older individuals in their daily routines. This helps promote  independence among the elderly. Here is a small sample of items.

  • Adaptive Cutlery and Dishes:utensils designed with ergonomic handles and non-slip grips for easier handling,such as this popular set of adaptive utensils. (sponsored.) 
    The Vive spill proof scoop plate is a specially designed dish made for older adults to help prevent spills while eating.
  • Automatic Jar OpenerA gadget that automatically opens jars with the push of a button, relieving seniors from struggling with tight lids.
  • Smart Pill DispenserDevices that dispense medications at scheduled times and send reminders, ensuring seniors take their medications on time.
  • Smart speakers/devices: respond to voice commands, help seniors with tasks like setting reminders, making calls, or playing music.
  • Easy-to-Use Cell Phones:
    Cell phones with larger buttons, simplified menus, and emergency call features for straightforward communication.
  • Comfortable and Supportive Footwear:
    Shoes designed for comfort and support, with features like non-slip soles and easy fastening mechanisms.
  • Reach Extenders:
    Tools with extended arms to help seniors reach items on high shelves or pick up objects without bending over. 
  • A good reach-extender is the Vive Suction Cup Grabber Reacher 32″.


By incorporating these innovative solutions into their routines, older adults can better help themselves and enjoy a higher quality of life.

The products mentioned in this post cater to the diverse needs of older individuals.They enable them to maintain their independence, engage in self-care, and lead fulfilling lives. 


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